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@ SPAMER (in English)

Beitrag von PBOe » Do Sep 12, 2019 10:21 am

This forum, our work, our thoughts, our efforts are getting massively abused by spamers.

To my understanding this is to manipulate google to granting certain websites higher rankings, having s.c. "outlinks" from respectable websites - just like ours.
That does (of course!) not work, because Google wont index user-accounts and their outlinks, prior to being activated.
And, needless to say, we will never activate one of these registrations!

But google WILL index THIS page, where I intend to list all the As**oles that are trying to abuse us.
YOU cause me unneccessary work and effort, for having to log in and delete your registrations.
I retaliate by listing you for google to index you as spamer.

Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: mogozind@gmail.com)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: steve.bannon@fourr.org)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: pharmul@gmail.com)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: mnoyahwq@krystinvalevo.online)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: www@colorbar.design)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: googl@promedtur.com)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: jonatumukunde@gmail.com)
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Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: yourmail@gmail.com)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: toopool88@gmail.com)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: rdwxind@eauie.top)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: zoyaretki@gmail.com)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: blackmount055@mail.com)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: innagagarinova03607@gmail.com)
Spam-IP: (Spam-Email-Address: inbox102@glmux.com)